“Amanda’s Story – A Teenager’s Story from Nsawam and Suhum” is now available for download for Windows, macOS and Android

“Amanda’s story” is to be a gamified information video that follows “Amanda”, a virtual female youngster of 16 years, on her various steps from having sex with a former neighbor, to being afraid of being pregnant, on to being pregnant, to communicating within the family to making the decision on how to go on, while involving the potential father. Key idea is to provide reliable information on every step of the script. This information involves both medical and social content that is mostly taken from the well-respected Marie Stopes Ghana – website (https://www.mariestopes.org.gh). It also comprehends addresses of municipal services and counseling agencies of CSOs in Nsawam and Suhum and other local contact points that might be helpful.

The video will try to include information on current preventive measures and practices available in the districts, like sex education to parents and their wards through, Radio and Television health talks, ward education and ANC/PNC visits sharing of maternal and child health records booklets to pregnant mothers, formation of Adolescent Health Corners in the various health facilities in the districts, School Health Services, and the provision or offering of modern family planning commodities. Please find the Windows, macOS and Android versions for Nsawam and Suhum below.