Project partners

Center for Planning and Evaluation of Social Services (ZPE)

The ZPE is an interdisciplinary scientific unit of the University of Siegen. The research center combines theory development with the development of conceptual and practical approaches in the social sector. ZPE’s activities include theory development, research, consulting, and evaluation in the fields of social policy, social services, education as well as health care at the local, regional, national, European, and international levels. The interdisciplinary approach of the center is based on an interdisciplinary team of scientists from the fields of sociology, social policy, social work, education, psychology as well as architecture, and urban planning.

Chair for Information Systems and New Media, University of Siegen

The Chair has focused on the application of information and communication technology (ICT) in the areas of cooperative work, energy efficiency, aging society, and community support in a number of research projects, both national and international. Across these different areas, the work of the chair focuses on the design of IT artifacts in real-world settings and situated in practices. While the knowledge derived from such distinct design case studies is always situated and context-specific, bringing them together in a Grounded Design (G. Stevens, M. Rohde, M. Korn & V. Wulf, 2018) research framework enables the transfer of insights across cases and the bottom-up development of novel design concepts. Website: