Logo of the University of Ghana  - Department of Social Work

The Department of Social Work is part of school of social science in University of Ghana. The Department of Social Work is the premier social work training institution in the country. The Department aimed to train students to become compete social workers through the provision of high quality educational experiences at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Besides, lecturers and students in the Department conduct cutting edge research on social problems in Ghana and other countries.

Through our training and research we are involved in studies that support issues of exclusion and vulnerability such as social protection and to help develop policies and programs to enhance their wellbeing. The Department prides itself in its services to communities via the services provided by students during field placement. During the field placement, students obtain real-life experiences while working in various governmental and non-governmental community-based agencies throughout the country.

In fulfilment of its mandate, the Department of Social Work has made teaching, research, practicum and extension activities more significant to the development of the needs of the Ghanaian society and the world in general through offering attractive, innovative and demand-driven programmes.

The Centre for Planning and Development of Social Services (ZPE) is an interdisciplinary scientific unit of the University of Siegen. The research centre combines theory development with the development of conceptual and practical approaches in the social sector. ZPE’s activities include theory development, research, consulting and evaluation in the fields of social policy, social services, education as well as health care at local, regional, national, European and international level. The interdisciplinary approach of the centre is based on an interdisciplinary team of scientist from the fields of sociology, social policy, social work, education, psychology as well as architecture and urban planning.